Vanilla & Peppermint Oil Drops

Vanilla & Peppermint Oil Drops

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Our Vanilla & Peppermint oil drops help to moisturize and nourish your skin as you bath. Vitalizing- cooling & soothing at the same time.

Bath oils have been added to bathwater for centuries as a way to naturally moisturize the skin.

How many pumps?

4-8 pumps

How to use?

A Bath without Bubbles: Drop into a bath of warm water, swirl the oils through with your hand to mix.

For bubble baths, add bath drops after desired bubble level has been reached; add drops and swirl through the water with your hand to mix.

Warnings: Do not take orally. Keep away from the eyes. Not for direct use on skin,

Common Sense Caution: Intended for external use only. If any adverse reaction, discontinue use and contact physician immediately.