Model : Christabella Rosales


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Stretch Marks Scar Belly Stick for Wrinkles, Help Repair Scar Slack Line Abdomen Postpartum, Obesity Stretch Mark Moisturizing.

Keeping skin moisturized to prevent stretch marks or scars from pregnancy, can help to alleviate and prevent greatly the appearance of scars & stretch marks. 

Moisturize that baby bump with Pamalotion Belly Balm Stick. 

: Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin E

Using a lotion stick is simple. Like any bar soap, you want to start by placing the lotion stick on your body warm it up. Once it’s melted a little, you can either rub the stick directly onto your skin .  Use it as you would a deodorant stick and glide it anywhere you need extra moisture. This Scar & Belly lotion Stick can be used all over the body,  and are especially effective right after a warm shower when your skin is damp and your pores are more open. This allows the lotion to penetrate more deeply into your skin and to help seal in moisture. The best thing about Pamalotion Scar Belly Stick is that once you’re down to the last tiny bits, you can even add them into a hot bath for an extra dose of skin-soothing hydration.

Guaranteed to give your body some serious hydration.

Model : Christabella Rosales