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Pamela grew up in the beauty of the Southern California desert. She always possessed a special connection to nature adoring all living things flora and fauna. As a girl, she was inspired by her parent’s creativity. Pamela was always creative and curious about how things are made.

One day after breaking out in a skin rash, Pamela took on the journey to make some lotion, but soon found out, not only was it fun, It was also healing! And it was not long after making her lotion formulations , that her creative side went to work. She started expanding, by creating other all natural products such as soaps, bath balms, bubbles and more.  Keeping the name PAMALOTION with her name in it, because she had to many responses liking the name so it stuck.


After creating all these great products, she went to work for one of the largest skin care brands in the world, she called it God inspired divine appointment and for three more years she would be expanding her learning about skin care ,safety FDA requirements. 

Seven years later she is still improving her skin care line, and now ready to show to the world, Pamalotion her creativity, and passion.