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Pamalotion is a line of natural-based body & skin care products designed to relieve stress, and promote healthy skin. Our body and bath products nourish your skin naturally and we use oils that closely resemble our skin’s own natural oils.
Pamalotion products are created with care and designed to be gentle on the skin and mildly stimulate the senses.
We develop our own products from scratch. Each product is a direct result of  research, brainstorming & customer requests. 
Our fresh lotions & creams made with natural ingredients and are healing to the skin while our scrubs, baths and soaps clean, detox, and enrich the skin with vitamins & minerals, resulting with a radiant youthful glow and feel of the skin.

Our services are based on the following principles:
1 Introduce ways relive stress through Pamalotion products.
2 Promote skincare effects of old beauty wellness wisdom by adding state-of-the-art technique.
3 Believe skincare regimen should be always simple and fun



Because we believe all skin can be beautiful, So we wanted to create and offer products that were truly different idea then just skin care, like taking skin care to a whole new level. that will not only enhance natural beauty but was made from the finest of naturally-delivered organic ingredients that are gentle for your skin and body. 


Because we love, and love is Charity we have one non-profit foundation that is devoted to break the cycle of domestic abuse by healing and empowering women and their children, enabling them to live new, safe and productive lives.. Because of this relationship with Safe Passage  , 10% of our profits will go to abuse women.


Because we believe beauty is not only skin deep, it also comes from within, so we created unique way to connect body, mind and spirit, through bathing and spa products. 

No Mineral Oil Non-GMO
Free Phthalate-Free

Thank you for coming to our site and we hope you will experince & enjoy the Pamalotion experience.