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If you’re in the market for a unique way to moisturize your hands and body, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! One of my new & improved Lotion Sticks will do the trick., lotion Sticks are very similar to a lotion bar which is a solid form of lotion. Once it runs across your warm skin it has a beautiful glide to it and absorbs quickly without a greasy feel  The aroma alone will make you feel great! 1 oz. size is more portable  and can fit into some of the smallest handbags. I’m excited about these lotion popup sticks they are alot of fun. These  come in 10 fun sticks: Bronzing, Coconut oil , Dandelion, Lavender. Peppermint, Olive oil, avacado, Hemp, Green tea, oats.
These lotion pop up sticks are loaded with antioxidants and will last even after washing your hands. You won’t even have to re-apply! 
There are no harsh chemicals or colorants added, they are mess free and my favorite of all non-greasy.
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