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Anti Aging
Anti Aging

Anti Aging

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An all-natural age-defying face cream formulated to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin with the restoring power of pure therapeutic essential oils. both women and men love it. 

Anti-aging Face Cream is a deep moisturizing cream with the skin rejuvenating and wrinkle-reducing qualities of organic evening primrose oil and borage oil, both rich in GLA, an essential fatty acid necessary for promoting healthy nourished skin. This silky smooth face cream also contains therapeutic emu oil, an amazing trans-dermal body oil that transports all the natural healing benefits of the other ingredients deep into the tissues keeping them strong, supple, and youthful.

Our Anti Aging Cream feels great going on and will make your skin look soft and feel smooth and firm. This age-defying cream is not greasy and will not clog the pores.

Here are some of the ingredients:
Tamanu oil wonderful for acne or oily skin, or skin with scars)
Sea buckthorn oil (powerfully nourishing, this is a great oil for all skin types, but especially aging or dry skin)
Rosehip seed oil (incredibly regenerating, this oil is known for it’s firming and anti-aging abilities – it’s good for dry, aging, and normal skin)
Carrot seed oil, it’s superb for any skin type – is there anything it won’t heal?)
Borage oil (crazy high in oleic acids, this oil is great for most skin types, but especially oily and acne skin)
Evening primrose oil (acne, aging, normal skin, you name it – and evening primrose oil can even be taken internally to help with acne)
Emu oil (emollient like you wouldn’t believe, emu oil is protective and nourishing for dry or aging skin)
And last on my list Vitamin E oil